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Those who have visited Anchorage know of its ideal snowy peaks, icy terrains, and diverse wildlife. Anchorage is the northernmost and largest state in the United States of America. Its stunning landscape makes it the place where most adventurers keen on exploring Alaska find themselves.

However, Anchorage has much to offer and the initial experience of planning out your activities can be somewhat overwhelming. Touring Alaska might seem an entirely difficult and intimidating experience. While the destination is picturesque for outdoor activities, the extreme conditions and cold weather might deter your ability to participate in all that Anchorage has to offer.

You surely have a few questions about how to make the most of such a rare sight. Luckily, we’re here to help.

While Anchorage is surrounded by many of the most spectacular sights in the world, few things take more interest than watching some of the most wonderful, dynamic landscapes found in North America. What better way to experience all this at once than in the air?

Helicopter Rides in Anchorage, Alaska

Snow covered glaciers in Alaska

Image by 12019/10259 on Pixabay.

You might be asking yourself, why a helicopter ride? Well, think about it. Not only is it a way of viewing so much at once, but there is nothing better than gliding through the air witnessing the memorable American terrain.

For example, imagine flying over Niagara Falls in a helicopter, taking in its beauty from above.

A helicopter tour over Anchorage gives you a thrilling and rare opportunity to soar through the blue skies whilst also taking in the lush scenery.

In a place as large and varied as Alaska, it’s best to get in as much as you can in the most efficient and effective ways possible. So, naturally, a helicopter tour is the quickest way to get around. And, of course, flying in the air is just a lot easier and more comfortable than trudging through inches of snow in uncomfortably large boots. It’s all very fun and full of wonder.

But it’s more than just gliding through the air, and you’ll need a service to match your expectations. Here are some of the best Anchorage helicopter tours available.

Glacier Landing and Dog-sledding Tours with Alpine Air Alaska

A dog-sledding tour in Anchorage

Image by Michelleraponi on Pixabay.

Flying above the snowy white wilderness of Alaska is an experience like no other. Alpine Air Alaska offers a set of professional and quick helicopter rides over the glacial landscape.

The company offers the closest glacier helicopter tours with a bonus of dog-sledding, with their home base located in Girdwood, just 35 miles away from the city.

The glacier tour kicks off at Alpine Air Alaska’s Girdwood location. After a short five-minute helicopter ride, you’ll arrive at a glacier where you’ll meet your tour guides. These guides have an immense wealth of information about the region. So, expect to learn a lot about the location and its history as you stand on the famed Alaskan glaciers.

Sounds good? Wait till you hear about the next (and maybe best) part of the tour. After landing at the location and exploring the remote camp base, you get to meet the base camp’s huskies and go on a thrilling dog-sledding adventure along the ice.

The helicopter dog-sledding tours vary depending on the season but generally start at $549 per adult and $499 per child under 12.

Grand Knik Glacier Tour with Alaska Helicopter Tours

A glacier in Alaska

Image by Schmid-Reportagen on Pixabay.

This helicopter tour service offers comfort and class for a uniquely Alaskan experience. As an all-inclusive tour service, expect world-class service and spectacular professionalism.

Alaska Helicopter Tours offers great packages. These include transfers to and from Anchorage, helicopter sightseeing with three remote site landings, and the chance to explore the colossal Knik glacier.

As you sail along the skyline, be prepared to take in the diverse mix of wildlife, from moose to sheep, that call the cold Alaskan terrain their home.

Unforgettably, you will have the opportunity of landing on an Alaskan glacier.

You depart from the Knik River Lodge and make your way past the imposing beauty of Lake George. During your second stop, you will coast along the alpine grassland where you will see the Knik Glacier in all its glory.

The flight time is forty-five minutes and the tour is limited to a cozy two-hour period. Alaska Helicopter Tours offers comfortable and professional packages that cater to you and your family’s needs. In total, the packages start at $569 per adult, and $519 per child aged 2-11.


30-minute Flightseeing Tour with Alpine Air Alaska

Helicopter over Anchorage

Image by cmallard on Pixabay.

Another offering from Alpine Air Alaska is their brief flightseeing tour from their Girdwood location.

This package is ideal for those moments where you want to slip a quick detour in between your planned activities. It also makes for an ideal and fast way of viewing the Alaskan scenery.

During your short flight, you’ll get a great view of mountainous peaks, a mix of wildlife, maybe even a glacier or two.

Your pilot during the journey will answer any questions you have, so please feel free.

Prices start at just $326 per person, with the opportunity of a full refund should the weather not be favorable enough for a helicopter ride.

Final Thoughts on Helicopter Tours in Alaska

A helicopter ride is a rare and exciting way to experience Alaska. From above looking below, the journeys through the sky will prove memorable and unique.

Anchorage continues to draw in thousands of visitors each year with the allure of cold, snow-filled adventures like snowboarding. Your tour should be comfortable and special, especially in a rugged, unpredictable place where conditions can change with lightning speed.

Flightseeing combines the benefits of tourism with the ease, comfort, and speed of a helicopter flight. Getting from A to B transforms into an enriching, once-in-a-lifetime tour, instead of being a regular trudge between two destinations. Not only that, but think about all the great photo opportunities.

Rest assured that you’ll have a safe and secure helicopter ride, as each service offers numerous safety precautions associated with flight and as required by Covid-19 regulations.

You can (and should!) take our word for it, or you can book your ticket and go see for yourself.

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