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With its vibrant layers of red rock and gushing river, the Grand Canyon is far more than just a natural formation brought about by years of erosion.

Carved out by the powerful flow of the Colorado river over the course of six million years, the canyon remains rich in archaeological history as well as breathtaking natural beauty.

The Grand Canyon is a must-see attraction of Arizona and a widely revered national park. As such, many have concluded that, with a phenomenon this staggering in size and stature, it is only fitting to view it from above.

While we may be unable to take to the skies on feathered wings like the Grand Canyon’s resident eagles, a helicopter ride allows us the same awe-inspiring views of this gorgeous landscape.

In this article we have listed a few of the best helicopter rides departing from Las Vegas to help you plan the perfect tour.

Grand Canyon

Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon boast a large range of elevation and a multitude of weather conditions, making for some truly breathtaking views. Taking to the skies here is an experience one cannot afford to miss out on.

These extraordinary helicopter tours, departing from Las Vegas, offer a birds-eye view over the area.

Grand Canyon Weather

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters holds the title for one of the largest and oldest sightseeing companies. They’ve flown thousands of helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas.

With aircraft specifically designed for sightseeing, Papillon helicopters are comfortable, reliable and perfect for air touring and photography. Take your best snapshots through the fitted, oversized windows of the helicopters to take your favorite moments back home with you.

In-flight offers over the Grand Canyon include noise-cancelling headphones with which you’re able to listen to pre-recorded narrations in sixteen different languages. So Papillon tours are both accessible and informative.

With tours launching from Las Vegas, Papillon Helicopters offers bookings and online deals with all-inclusive discount pricing.

Papillon Golden Eagle Air Tour

This seventy-minute helicopter tour is ideal for Las Vegas travelers with a few hours to spare.

With both pick-ups and drop-offs available from most reputable hotels in the area, the Golden Eagle air tour offers views of both the sprawling waters of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Not to mention the spectacle that is the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Hoover Dam

Papillon Grand Celebration Tour

This luxurious helicopter tour includes a 3,200-foot descent to the floor of the Grand Canyon, where you can overlook the Colorado River.  Enjoy popping open a bottle of champagne and enjoying a picnic while you’re at it. There will be time to explore the floor of the terrain up close before boarding a return flight back to Las Vegas.

This tour is ideal for young adventurous couples and partners with a flair for the romantic.

Truly a grand celebration, this Papillon tour is one for the books!

Grand Canyon Sun Down

Mavericks Helicopters

Founded with the intention of bringing a VIP-level experience to the helicopter industry, a determined couple and a single helicopter launched Mavericks Helicopter tours. Years later, Mavericks has grown into a thriving tourism company.

Maverick Helicopters boasts the top safety record for tourism-based aviation companies and has assisted and taken part in numerous, notable film projects.

Experienced pilots narrate the inflight journey themselves, and take pride in interacting respectfully with their passengers. Mavericks also offers group tours and customizable programs for group events – perfect for larger families and group excursions.

Mavericks Wind Dancer Sunset Tour

This helicopter flight occurs only in the early hours of the afternoon and is something of a hidden gem among helicopter tours.

Similarly to the Papillon Grand Celebration tour, this flight includes a touchdown in the Grand Canyon after a scenic route over Lake Mead and a view of the Mojave Desert. When boarding the helicopter again one would be treated to a dazzling sunset flight over the Las Vegas strip.

Gaze at the sun going down over the vast natural landscape and watch as the city nearby sparkles to life.

Grand Canyon Dusk

Mavericks Skywalk Odyssey Tour

Kicking off from the Las Vegas Strip, this helicopter tour takes its guests soaring over the Mojave Desert, Boulder City, Fortification hill and even an extinct volcano on the way to the Grand Canyon.

Passing over the West Rim of the canyon this tour will offer an up-close and personal view of  the twists and turns of the Colorado River before reaching the exorbitant observation deck. This deck, known as the Grand Canyon Skywalk, is one of the most famous attractions at the Grand Canyon.

With a suspended glass bottom towering high over the Colorado River, safety is important and therefore no personal belongings are permitted on this daunting glass walkway – including cameras! This makes the walk a unique and intimate experience between you and the humbling view.

This one is for the adrenaline junkies and the old-soul explorers who leave their phones at home.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

A Few Final Thoughts on Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

It’s safe to conclude that the multitude of sites to see and experiences to be had over the Grand Canyon makes this national monument a necessity to visit at least once.
With these Helicopter tours offering plenty of options to pick from, there is something here for everyone.

Whether you are a flustered tourist, a Las Vegas resident, a weathered traveler or merely a hopeless romantic, the Grand Canyon is a site worth beholding from the lofty heights of a helicopter flight.

So don’t hesitate to book your ticket now!

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Grand Canyon

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